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Karma builder

ID: @angular-devkit/build-angular:karma

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List of static application assets.

Type array


Override which browsers tests are run against.

Type string


Output a code coverage report.

Type boolean


Globs to exclude from code coverage.

Type array


Defines the build environment.

Type string


Replace files with other files in the build.

Type array


The name of the Karma configuration file.

Type string


The name of the main entry-point file.

Type string


Enable and define the file watching poll time period in milliseconds.

Type number


The name of the polyfills file.

Type string

Do not use the real path when resolving modules.

Type boolean


Log progress to the console while building.

Type boolean
Default true


Karma reporters to use. Directly passed to the karma runner.

Type array


Global scripts to be included in the build.

Type array


Output sourcemaps.

Type boolean
Default true


Options to pass to style preprocessors.

Type object


Global styles to be included in the build.

Type array


The name of the TypeScript configuration file.

Type string


Run build when files change.

Type boolean


TypeScript configuration for Web Worker modules.

Type string