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AppShell generator

ng generate appShell [name] [--[argument]=[value]]
ng generate app-shell

Create an app shell.


App shell is a way to render a portion of your application via a route at build time. This gives users a meaningful first paint of your application because the browser does not need to initialize any JavaScript, just rendering the HTML.

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The name of the application directory.

Type string
Default app


The appId to use withServerTransition.

Type string
Default serverApp


Name of related client app.

Type string


Name of the index file.

Type string
Default index.html


The name of the main entry-point file.

Type string
Default main.server.ts


Name of the app.

Type string


The output directory for build results.

Type string
Default dist-server


The root directory of the app.

Type string
Default src


The name of the root module class.

Type string
Default AppServerModule


The name of the root module file.

Type string
Default app.server.module.ts


Route path used to produce the app shell.

Type string
Default shell


The path of the source directory.

Type string
Default src
Aliases D


The name of the test entry-point file.

Type string


The name of the TypeScript configuration file for tests.

Type string
Default tsconfig.spec


The name of the TypeScript configuration file.

Type string
Default tsconfig.server


Name of related universal app.

Type string