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ng add

ng add [name]

Add support for a library to your project.

`ng add` helps you add new capabilities to your app — this command will install the dependencies and then invoke the installation script which will take care of all the rest.

Adds the npm package for a published library to your workspace, and configures your default app project to use that library, in whatever way is specified by the library's schematic.

The default app project is the value of defaultProject in angular.json.

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When true, disables interactive input prompts for options with a default.
Type boolean
Default false


When true, run through and report activity without writing out results.
Type boolean
Default false
Aliases d


When true, force overwriting of existing files.
Type boolean
Default false
Aliases f


Shows a help message for this command in the console.
Values true|false|json|JSON
Default false


When false, disables interactive input prompts.
Type boolean
Default false