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Base class for Angular Views, provides change detection functionality. A change-detection tree collects all views that are to be checked for changes. Use the methods to add and remove views from the tree, initiate change-detection, and explicitly mark views as _dirty_, meaning that they have changed and need to be rerendered.


Manual change detection run:

export class MyComponent {
  constructor(private cdr: ChangeDetectorRef) {

  runManual() {
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checkNoChanges(): void
Checks the change detector and its children, and throws if any changes are detected.Use in development mode to verify that running change detection doesn't introduce other changes.


detach(): void
Detaches this view from the change-detection tree. A detached view is not checked until it is reattached. Use in combination with `detectChanges()` to implement local change detection checks.Detached views are not checked during change detection runs until they are re-attached, even if they are marked as dirty.


detectChanges(): void
Checks this view and its children. Use in combination with detach to implement local change detection checks.


markForCheck(): void
When a view uses the `OnPush` (checkOnce) change detection strategy, explicitly marks the view as changed so that it can be checked again.Components are normally marked as dirty (in need of rerendering) when inputs have changed or events have fired in the view. Call this method to ensure that a component is checked even if these triggers have not occured.


reattach(): void
Re-attaches the previously detached view to the change detection tree. Views are attached to the tree by default.