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ngPlural directive

Adds / removes DOM sub-trees based on a numeric value. Tailored for pluralization.

To use this directive you must provide a container element that sets the [ngPlural] attribute to a switch expression. Inner elements with a [ngPluralCase] will display based on their expression:

  • if [ngPluralCase] is set to a value starting with =, it will only display if the value matches the switch expression exactly,
  • otherwise, the view will be treated as a "category match", and will only display if exact value matches aren't found and the value maps to its category for the defined locale.

See CLDR — Plural Rules.

<input [(ngModel)]="value" name="value">

<div [ngPlural]="value">
  <ng-template ngPluralCase="=0">No messages</ng-template>
  <ng-template ngPluralCase="=1">One message</ng-template>
  <ng-template ngPluralCase="other">{{ value }} messages</ng-template>
export class AppComponent {
  value = 1;
One message