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ngSwitch directive

NgSwitch is like the JavaScript switch statement. It can display one element from among several possible elements, based on a switch condition. Angular puts only the selected element into the DOM.

NgSwitch is actually a set of three, cooperating directives: NgSwitch, NgSwitchCase, and NgSwitchDefault as seen in this demo.

<select [(ngModel)]="type">
  <option [value]="1">First</option>
  <option [value]="2">Second</option>
  <option [value]="3">Third</option>
  <option [value]="99">Other</option>

<div [ngSwitch]="type">
  <div *ngSwitchCase="1">First</div>
  <div *ngSwitchCase="2">Second</div>
  <div *ngSwitchCase="3">Third</div>
  <div *ngSwitchDefault>Default</div>