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App-shell builder

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ID: @angular-devkit/build-angular:app-shell

App shell is a way to render a portion of your application via a route at build time. This gives users a meaningful first paint of your application because the browser does not need to initialize any JavaScript, just rendering the HTML.
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Target to build.
Type string


Server target to use for rendering the app shell.
Type string


Script that exports the Server AppModule to render. This should be the main JavaScript outputted by the server target. By default we will resolve the outputPath of the serverTarget and find a bundle named 'main' in it (whether or not there's a hash tag).
Type string


The route to render.
Type string
Default /


The input path for the `index.html` file. By default uses the output index.html of the browser target.
Type string


The output path of the index.html file. By default will overwrite the input file.
Type string