ngSwitch directive

This is the documentation for Angular 7.
You can switch to the latest version Angular 9.

NgSwitch is like the JavaScript switch statement. It can display one element from among several possible elements, based on a switch condition. Angular puts only the selected element into the DOM.

NgSwitch is actually a set of three, cooperating directives: NgSwitch, NgSwitchCase, and NgSwitchDefault as seen in this demo.

<select [(ngModel)]="type">
  <option [value]="1">First</option>
  <option [value]="2">Second</option>
  <option [value]="3">Third</option>
  <option [value]="99">Other</option>

<div [ngSwitch]="type">
  <div *ngSwitchCase="1">First</div>
  <div *ngSwitchCase="2">Second</div>
  <div *ngSwitchCase="3">Third</div>
  <div *ngSwitchDefault>Default</div>